Allegiance Healthcare Bluebook

Northwestern Medical Center provides Healthcare Bluebook FREE as a benefit, so you can shop for medical procedures at in-network facilities in your area to find the best price and get an out-of-pocket cost estimate.  It’s easy!

In minutes, you can find hundreds to thousands of dollars in savings with a simple search and get a cost estimate before you schedule care.

Benefits at a Glance

When you have questions or need details about benefits, HR, or our company, the Benefit Portal is open 24/7 to help.

Benefits Enrollment

You can view and make important changes to your benefit elections, payroll deductions, and much more. Visit for more info.

Understanding Your Benefits

Each BenefitsEasy video is designed to help you and your family better understand and use your benefits.

Get the help you need with the Employee Help Desk

Our goal is to make your benefits easy to use and understand, but we are also here to help when you have questions. The Richards Group Employee Help Desk is your single source for help with your benefit questions.